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ISONG launched a new webinar series in 2014. These webinars provide an opportunity to attend a cutting edge educational program in a convenient setting. ISONG is committed to providing affordable education as a value added benefit for our members. Webinars are available to view at your convenience and include Continuing Education Credits where noted.

Supporting a Future ISONG Webinar

If you are an academic institution or corporation and would be interested in supporting an educational webinar, please contact Linda Mason at: for more information on this opportunity.

Past Supporters

The webinar: Breast Cancer Genetics Then and Now: Impact on Risk Assessment and Clinical Care was supported by an unrestricred educational grant from Myriad.

ISONG Webinars

Webinars provided by ISONG offer valuable genomics-related content, delivered with credibility and authority to nurses interested in gaining low-cost, dedicated access to experts for an hour. ISONG takes careful preparation of matching the expertise of its webinar presenters with the needs of a global nursing audience, with applications to many varied diseased states. We also place importance on delivering vital education using text, verbal, and human interaction to optimize learning and allow for the ability to emphasize key points, theory, and facts for the learner.

New and Upcoming Webinars
Future webinars are being planned by the Education Committee in response to participant feedback and suggestions for topics of interest/need.

Recent webinar that aired on May 17th - available to view and to earn Ce credits!!

Women at Increased Risk for Breast Cancer Based on Family History

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Deborah O. Himes, PhD, APRN-BC, ANP 
Asssitant Proffessor
Brigham Young University
College of Nursing
Provo, Utah USA


Amanda Gammon, MS, CGC
Assistant Director, Genetic Counseling Graduate Program
Licensed Genetic Counselor
Family Cancer Assessment Clinic
Provo, Utah USA


Several organizations recommend healthcare providers offer annual breast MRI to women with lifetime risk for breast cancer above 20%.  In this webinar, Deborah O. Himes and Amanda Gammon will review U.S. breast cancer screening guidelines and risk assessment models. The presenters will provide step-by-step instructions for calculating lifetime risk using the Tyrer-Cuzic model. Additionally, they will present a clinical decision making model to help assess which should  be referred for additional risk assessment and/or referral for genetic counseling.

Who Should Attend?
This presentation is intended for primary healthcare providers including nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians who care for women who may be at increased risk for breast cancer.

By the end of the webinar the attendees will be able to:

  •  During this presentation attendees will learn to calculate lifetime risk for breast cancer using the
    Tyrer-Cuzick model.

  •  After this presentation, attendees will be able to explain differences in risk for breast cancer among women in differing risk categories (population, familial, hereditary) and screening guidelines based on risk category (mammography and breast MRI).

  • After this presentation attendee will be able to describe three different models used for calculating lifetime risk for breast cancer.

  •  Following this presentation attendees will understand how to select patients for in-depth risk assessment and/or referral for genetic counseling related to breast cancer risk. 

Contact Hours
ISONG is collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing to provide this learning activity. Participants completing this activity will receive a maximum of one hour of continuing nursing education contact hours. The University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.




Available Webinars

ISONG Webinars are offered to view at your convenience and offer Continuing Education Credits where noted.

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Archived Webinars

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Genetics and Implications of Metabolic
Newborn Screening for Nurses

Presented by: Sarah Viall

Cardiovascular Genetics: An Overview
Presented by: Lisa Shah, RN, MSN

Beyond the Panels: Current Practice of Cardiovascular Genomics
Presented by: 
Sarah Race, RN, CNS 
Heidi Salisbury, RN, CNS 

Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing - Is it Better for Patients?
Presented by: Professor Heather Skirton

Family History in Clinical Practice
Presented by: 
Suzanne M. Mahon, RN, DNSc AOCN, APNG
Sue Nicholas, MSN, BSN, RNC-BC, WHNP-BC

Genetic Factors in Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes
Presented by: Katie Edwards, RN

Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Test: A New Screening Option for High Risk Pregnant Women
Presented by:
Tina Mladenka, DNP, APRN, CNP, WHNP- BC

Christina Murphey, PhD, RNC-OB

Pharmacogenetics and Your Clinical Practice
Presented by: Dennis J. Cheek, PhD, RN, FAHA

Tailoring Nursing Assessment and Interventions to Provide Individualized Health Care
Presented by: Elizabeth L. Pestka, PMHCNS-BC, APNG