International Society of Nurses in Genetics

Nursing Research in Process

Members of the Research Committee come from a diversity of clinical/professional backgrounds, and from various career stages but they all share a commitment to genetics/genomics components in nursing and healthcare research.

Calls for Collaborators

Calls for collaborators can also be posted here - please contact Sue Wesmiller at if you want to post information about any projects for which you are seeking collaborators.

Research Resources

Advancing nursing research in human genetics is one of ISONG's key goals. We achieve this through a number of approaches, such as by:

  • generating new knowledge
  • translating new evidence into clinical practice
  • evaluating the evidence base, and
  • considering the implications of new knowledge for nursing practice and education, for patients, their families and the wider communities

Our membership acts as a global network that further enables us to disseminate and share best practice, exchange ideas, and encourages collaboration, so that the global implications of local projects can be more readily identified and discussed. To facilitate this, these research pages aim to:

  • disseminate news of research to our key stakeholders
  • alert members to research opportunities
  • support the research activities of ISONG members


New! Research Report Resource

This website launch is intended to disseminate findings from the Family Synthesis Project (FaSP), information about synthesis research methodology and resources. Among other things, the site includes reference lists for the over 1000 research reports included in our sample.

The reference lists are organized by both study design (quantitative, qualitative, RCT) and chronic condition, some of which have a genetic basis.

The website address is:

Please contact Kathleen A. Knafl, PhD, FAAN at if you have any questions about this project.

Information about current calls for research studentships, fellowships or other research career development opportunities can be posted here too. Contact Sue Wesmiller at

If you have any ideas for how these Research pages can be further enhanced, please contact Sue Wesmiller or Rebecca Kronk.