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New! Opportunity for Learning from Nurses in Genetics/Genomics Clinical Practice

Members of the International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG) Professional Practice Committee are eager to share their expertise with individuals interested in learning more about genetics/genomics nursing. We are prepared to respond to questions and provide brief mentoring experiences.

Please respond to the following e-mail:  and provide your name, contact information, and specific questions or request for mentoring in a specialty clinical area. Please indicate “Opportunity for Learning” in the subject line.

Global Genomics Nursing Alliance - Creating a Roadmap

Nurses have a pivotal role in bringing the benefits of genomics to everyday healthcare. However global effort is needed to transform nursing policy, practice, education and research to be cognisant of the biopsychosocial and ethical implications of genomic technologies for individuals and societies. 

We have established the first global genomics nursing alliance to address these issues. The Global Genomics Nursing Alliance (G2NA) project represents the culmination of concerted national and international efforts to accelerate the integration of genomics into everyday practice.

Thirteen members of ISONG participated in an international meeting January 23-25, 2017 in the United Kingdom to create a roadmap for all nurses to integrate genomics into practice.

Scope and Standards - Click on the Standards of Practice for complete details .
Congratulations to Alice Kerber and Nancy Ledbetter, along with many additional ISONG members who contributed chapters, edited, and proofread the 2nd edition of the Scope and Standards. We thank them all for their contributions and hard work on behalf of the entire Genetics Nursing profession!



Alice Kerber

Nancy Ledbetter




Professional Practice Committee

The professional practice committee shall identify professional practice concerns arising from genetic/genomic innovation and societal influences, including scope, standards and guidelines applicable to nursing practice.

The professional practice committee shall provide verbal and written responses to professional practice issues relevant to ISONG with approval of the Board.