International Society of Nurses in Genetics

Communications Chairs

Jamesetta Newland


Paule Valery Joseph

ISONG Communications Committee

The communications committee works to help inform and engage members through the website and by keeping members updated through social media platforms.

The links to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter are on the home page. ISONG is actively engaged in communication using social media platforms. Additionally, connections are through LinkedIn.

Please join in one or all to share information about ISONG with your contacts. The more ways we use to promote ISONG, the wider we extend beyond our recognized circle.

Please start sharing our announcements about ISONG 2016 on social media. Our hashtag this year is #ISONG2016.

If you have news to share or simply want to let us know what you like, please contact either co-chair, Jamie Newland or Paule Joseph.

ISONG e-Communications

Monthly e-communications with updates and opportunities are sent as a membership benefit to ISONG members.

ISONG members or interested sponsors can request a copy of an e update by contacting Linda Mason at:




ISONG Newsletters (Past)

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Submit News / Contributions

All ISONG Members are welcome to contribute information for the e updates:

  • Please consider sharing reports of your research projects and results
  • Send us your accomplishments
  • Exchange your experience among different cultures by sharing your practice, ethical, social and legal perspectives
  • Send news of educational programs that may be of interest to members

To submit information please contact Linda Mason at email: