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ISONG Global Mission

ISONG is a global genetics nursing organization and our mission is to include information and resources on relevant genetic work being conducted worldwide in various countries and geographic areas. 

As an ISONG member, you are encouraged to submit articles and any information concerning research being completed in your country. Please submit any articles and research text along with related links to the Global Membership Committee Co-chairs.


ISONG Membership Brochure:

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ISONG Member Countries

Holding membership in a global organization, such as ISONG, enhances the quality and breadth of networking and sharing of genetics research, education, and best practices.  Visit the applicable country/regional pages for more information about connecting with ISONG members in your area of interest and explore the types of genetics studies, research, and related groups available to ISONG members.

New ISONG Membership Level Option - ISONG is committed to diversity and inclusion and now members can experience the benefits of ISONG membership for a reduced rate with our Developing Countries membership level.

Click here for more information and to join with our new Developing Countries Membership Level option.

ISONG currently has members in the following countries:  

  1. Australia
  2. Belgium
  3. Brazil
  4. Canada
  5. Columbia
  6. England
  7. India
  8. Israel
  9. Italia
  10. Japan
  11. Mexico
  12. New Zealand
  13. Saudi Arabia
  14. South Africa
  15. South Korea
  16. Switzerland
  17. United Kingdom
  18. United States

The ISONG Global Membership Committee

Susan Fernbach

Anecita Gigi Lim

ISONG continually seeks national representatives who are willing to become involved in the efforts to make ISONG more visible worldwide.  Connect via email with one of the co-chairs if you are interested in becoming involved.