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Explore our resources and knowledge of human genetics into your nursing practice, education and research activities. We offer accurate and current content on human genetics and genomics in addition to forums for professional networking and discussions.

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The International Society of Nurses in Genetics, ISONG, is a global nursing specialty organization dedicated to genomic health care, education, research, and scholarship.

Our Vision

The vision of ISONG is: Caring for people's genetic and genomic health throughout the lifespan and across the continuum of health and disease.

ISONG Mission

The mission of ISONG is to serve both the nursing profession and the public. ISONG fosters and advocates for the scientific and professional development of its members and the nursing community, in the discovery, interpretation, application, and management of genomic information, for the promotion of the public's health and wellbeing. ISONG advocates for public understanding of genomic health and use of genomic information.

The goals of ISONG are to:

Global community

1. Build and sustain a vibrant international community for the development of nurses in genetics and genomics in relation to education, research and professional practice that enhances social capital by:

  • fostering effective communication and networking with nursing organizations and other genetics specialty groups;
  • promoting interprofessional collaboration in the care of people, families, and communities at risk for genetic conditions;
  • providing a forum for education and support for nurses providing genetic- and genomics-based healthcare.


2. Promote the integration of genetics and genomics across nursing education, research and care at all levels of professional practice, through:

  • promoting engagement of nurses with genetics and genomics;
  • sharing expertise and best practice in education, research and care delivery;
  • offering practical support for continuing professional development.


3. Demonstrate and promote leadership in the development and implementation of standards of healthcare practice in genetics and genomics for the benefit of patients and families, through:

  • leading and influencing public policies;
  • articulating standards of practice in nursing professional education and clinical care;
  • generating  and disseminating evidence for high quality nursing practice;
    maintaining an outward-facing approach to collaborative working with other relevant public and professional groups.


ISONG Call for Abstracts are open!

We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the 2017 ISONG Congress will be open on December 9th. We will invite abstracts for podium and poster presentations. Submissions should have an original research, clinical practice, or educational focus. We expect that abstract topics will continue to be exciting, innovative, and-this year in particular-competitive.

Abstracts that represent projects that have results pending will be considered for acceptance for poster or podium presentations.

Abstracts may be submitted from December 9, 2016 to February 17, 2016. The submission deadline is firm, so please plan accordingly.

The Congress program will be on November 3-5, 2017 with a welcome reception on the evening of November 2nd so please mark your calendars!

Click here for the abstract submission site and for more information.

We look forward to receiving your submission.


Tara Albrecht
Michael Groves

2017 Abstract Co-chairs horzline

Call For Papers
Biological Research For Nursing - Integrating Biobehavioral Research into Health Care

Genetic and genomic discoveries impact all areas of healthcare practice, from providing insight into new treatments to supporting disease-prevention strategies to guiding development of personalized health interventions. Nursing research has made, and will continue to make, significant contributions to the growing body of evidence that informs our understanding of the role of genes and genomics in health and illness. From bench to bedside to population health, nursing research is at the forefront of translating basic science into clinical and community applications.

The goal of this special issue is to disseminate cutting-edge findings of genetic and genomic research that have the potential to impact nursing practice and to improve health outcomes across the spectrum of healthcare practice. Submission of basic, clinical, and population genetic and/or genomics research relevant to nursing practice is encouraged.

Deadline to submit a manuscript is July 21, 2017.

Click here for the complete announcement or you can contact the guest editors below. Contact the guest editors with queries about appropriate topics or works in progress for the special issue:

Editorial Contact Information
Contact the guest editors with queries about appropriate topics or works in progress for the special issue:
Wendy Henderson, PhD, CRNP, FAAN

Gia Mudd-Martin, PhD, MPH, RN


Genetic Nursing Officially Recognized in Japan - Congratulations to JNA!

This is an exciting announcement from our ISONG colleagues in Japan about the initiation of genetic nursing being officially recognized as an advance practice nursing specialty in Japan.
"We, members of the Japanese Society of Genetics nursing are pleased to share with our ISONG colleagues that on November 30th, 2016 the Japanese Nursing Association announced “Genetic Nursing” as a new field of advance practice nursing in Japan! A certification exam will be put into effect next year. The Japanese Society of Genetic Nursing was instrumental in the creation of "Certified Nurse Specialist in Genetic Nursing " and will lead efforts to develop and support this new role for nurses in Japan. We would like to thank ISONG members for their many years of support and encouragement, and we look forward to your continued support."


ANCC and ISONG announce the first Certification through Portfolio credential for Advanced Genetics Nursing.

Advanced Genetics Nursing

Interested in becoming recognized as a provider for CIGNA and other insurers? Apply for your Advanced Genetics Nursing Credential through ANCC. Begin tracking your continuing education (need at least thirty hours in past three years) and other credentialing data through ANCC's e-portfolio process. You can start your e-portfolio at any time, you don't need to wait until you have everything together. This credential is not just for Nurse Practitioners, but for any registered professional nurse with a Masters degree who is involved with genetics with a minimum of 1500 hours practice in the past three years and meets the professional development criteria. View Press Release.

This credential is also available for international applicants and ISONG members may apply for a discounted fee! Please contact Jeanine Santelli at: if you have any questions. Visit

ANCC’s Certification Through Portfolio Video Tutorial

It is important as health care professionals that we stay abreast of the ever changing and advancing field of medicine. Although we have many resources to keep us informed and up to date on new standards and guidelines regarding genetic education and risk assessment, we as nurses need to realize the importance of a certification in genetics nursing. A qualification in any specialty validates an area of expertise, enhances professional credibility, and contributes to a feeling of personal accomplishment.

Our colleagues depend on us in the care of their patients, it is our obligation to ensure them that we are not only competent but knowledgeable in this exceptional field of medicine. It is also important that patients, families, employers, and the community feel confident in the services we provide. To many, certification means the nurse is qualified and this alone can reduce their sense of helplessness and decrease anxiety levels.

It is a fact that there are a limited number of health care professionals with expertise in genetics, especially in rural geographic areas. Many patients referred to genetic counselors located miles from their homes are not able to keep their appointments due to distance &/or financial reasons. Being certified in genetics allows the nurse to provide patients, families, and the community with a wealth of information that can make an impact on cancer prevention, risk reduction, and possibly save lives.

Click on the link above or visit the following link for the Certification Through Portfolio video. It is now live on YouTube:


New Book- Genomic Essentials for Graduate Level Nurses

Announcing the newly published book - "Genomic Essentials for Graduate Level Nurses." Congratulations to the ISONG members who contributed as editors and authors: Sheila A. Alexander, Yvette P. Conley, Jennifer R. Dungan, Julia Eggert, Dale H. Lea, Ann H. Maradiegue, Sarah Race, Debra L. Schutte, Diane C. Seibert, Kathleen Sparbel, Susan T. Tinley, Martha Turner and Karen L. Zanni.

Designed as both a nursing reference and course text, this book presents genetics and genomic essentials specifically for graduate-level nurses. Preliminary chapters cover the basics of genetics, risk assessment and genetic testing. With chapter contributions by topic experts, the remainder of the book is organized by disease system and covers genetics and genomics in prenatal care, neurology, cancer, respiratory function, cardiology, pharmacogenomics, hematology and others. Key chapters on ethical and legal issues and future technology are also included. This volume is well-suited for nursing faculty, nursing students, nurse leaders, and other nursing professionals with a need for further information on genetics and genomics in a nursing role and across a variety of specialties.

The book is currently available in digital form and will be and will be available in print soon. Click here for more information including the complete author listings. Click here to order the book.






Member Benefits

ISONG offers members opportunities for education, leadership, exchange and socialization.  Members receive the latest references on genetics including educational programs and opportunities, e communications, membership directory, program information and a discounted registration fee for the annual ISONG meeting and educational webinars. Also, ISONG members are eligible to apply for the annual research grant awards.

Who are the members of ISONG? Any registered nurse who has an interest in genetics is welcome to become a member of ISONG. Our membership is diverse and reflects the broad needs of those who have genetic problems. Current members are:

Case managers

  • Administrators
  • Coordinators of public and private programs
  • Educators in the field of nursing and/or genetics
  • Genetic counselors
  • Researchers

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